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Das bekannteste Hochdrucklaminat der Welt

Gary Barraco explains that while disruptions happen at all levels in a supply chain, best-in-class companies are more likely to have the inbound supply chain visibility to combat them. Compared to their competition, they excel at every level of engagement with suppliers, partners, and logistics providers including international suppliers and shipments. For the EU, and all trading companies both large and small, this will require extensive database updates and translations.

Arne Mielken explains what importers and exporters should do now. The VF Corporation, alike many manufacturers, were shaken by the Rana Plaza factory disaster that brought global attention to hazardous working environments and labor issues. This urged a re-evaluation of their corporate social responsibility CRS in which the VF Corporation added measures to address factory and working conditions within its supply chain. Gary Barraco explores why, with increased regulations and growing pressure from consumers and NGOs, industries still struggle to maintain compliance.

When does agility become a competitive advantage for a profitable, smooth sailing supply chain? Gary Barraco explains how organizations must quickly adjust tactics and operations within their supply chains in response to a number of disrupters.

Atmospheric electricity

According to Gary Barraco, timely access to global trade information, product classification, and landed costs are imperative. The international flow of goods and information requires corporations to tightly integrate internal technology systems and key business partners to ensure the timely exchange of information. As Claude Correll, VP Global Engineering at Amber Road, notes, rapid access to real-time data from multiple sources is even more critical to supply chain organizations that rely heavily on trading partners around the globe to deliver innovative products, drive critical supply chain processes and ensure a positive customer experience.

High demurrage and detention costs are rampant as ports are becoming increasingly congested and disruptive events such as labor disputes are occurring more frequently. Worse still, these fees accrue on a daily basis, so there's little room for negotiating the final bill. Dave Albanese, director of solutions consulting at Amber Road, shares how companies can work to avoid and reduce these tricky fees. But those involved in the production and transport of goods know lower barriers to trade at one end can lead to exponentially lower costs at the other end of the supply chain.

As Gary Barraco points out, manufacturing centers have made way for massive distribution centers. Product recalls are more common than ever, and they can have serious repercussions for brands and manufacturers. Gary Barraco explains how extending product traceability can achieve great results, including higher social and environmental responsibility, enhanced product quality, and complete regulatory compliance. Gary Barraco offers several strategies for companies to strengthen their competitive advantage in cross-border operations.

Anatomy of RACHEL AMBER - Before the Storm

Just like our own bodies, supply chains need checkups too! According to Gary Barraco, routine checkups on your supply chain could prevent issues like supplier social compliance issues, customs shipment delays, inaccurate landed cost calculations, regulatory lapses and a myriad of other problems. Global business-to-consumer e-commerce is growing leaps and bounds. And the primary reasons for the booming growth include emerging markets where consumers often find it hard to access coveted products locally and are seeking the convenience of online shopping over brick-and mortar.

Once considered a competitive advantage, the sustainable package is becoming more and more of a requirement driven by retailers, government regulations and public perception. With traceability playing a key role in addressing the rising importance of social compliance, it may be time to review your traceability strategies and confirm you're armed with comprehensive product information across your supply network, says Thomas Ng, Managing Director, Supply Chain Solutions. The company will also reduce costs by automating the ISF filing process. Folded under the umbrella of supply chain management SCM , along with supply chain planning SCP , SCE focuses on execution-oriented applications that carry out the plans created by those planning systems.

There are few things worse in the apparel business than developing and manufacturing a great product that can't find its way to the retail floor because it's stuck in customs with a labeling issue. Here J Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president of global knowledge at Amber Road, unravels some of the rules and regulations of what needs to be said - and how. Any U.

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But international arms transactions require even more stringent screening to keep close guard on weapons of all types. Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president of global knowledge at Amber Road, discusses how an automated system bridges trade compliance, sourcing and product development, and connects all of the subsequent parties that are involved in the intricate supply chains of today.

Formica Laminate | Formica Group

Air and ocean cargo security remains a high priority for supply chain managers across the globe. While cargo theft has been a concern for years, organizations also contend with the risk of terrorist groups uncovering vulnerabilities in global supply chains to carry out illicit cross-border operations. Gary Barraco, director of product marketing, offers several ways shippers can secure their supply chain against these risks.

The world of global freight has produced radically different methods of optimization. Complying with the Customs rules and regulations governing imports may feel like you're caught in endless twists and turns.

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Suzanne Richer, director of trade advisory service for Amber Road, shares how a single repository of data can help to master the maze. For those compliance officers watching Iran closely, and especially within companies considering doing business with Iran, what the Iran deal mean? Arne Mielkin discusses the interesting market potential and difficult environment facing companies looking to move into the Iran market. But in June , the China General Administration of Customs GAC started a pilot program in Shanghai which introduced nationwide customs clearance reform with the goal of national implementation by Going digital is more than just spending a higher percent of revenue on IT: where and how you spend your IT dollars is just as important, according to Nathan Pieri, chief product officer at Amber Road.

Procurement organizations have faced a number of new trade compliance regulations this year. But a new survey from Amber Road shows multinational companies are not investing in trade compliance training for their employees, despite the risks of noncompliance. A new standardized customs system being rolled out across China will bring challenges and opportunities.

Kae-Por Chang, managing director of Amber Road China, shares the ways that companies can prepare for this paradigm shift in China trade management. With the current turmoil in global markets highlighted by the increasing polarization of the wealthy and poor, terrorism, Brexit and a possibly increasingly protectionist US, global trading is set to become more complex and challenging than ever. The ideal is for a company to run its global trading operations like a Swiss watch, but that is becoming more and more difficult as uncertainty increases.

Why else would an academy be necessary? On Wednesday, President Obama signed the biggest chemical safety legislation since the Toxic Substances Control Act TSCA was enacted 40 years ago to regulate the manufacture, import and processing of chemicals. The question now is whether the passage of this bill really means the U. Gary Barraco investigates.

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Product traceability has become a critical aspect of supply chains and global trade, with definitions that run the gamut depending on the industry or phase in the product lifecycle. Thomas Ng, General Manager of Supply Chain Business, discusses the most important aspects of a product traceability program. Many organizations are not prepared to handle increasing trade compliance regulations.

With process automation, global companies can redice their foreign trade risks while ensuring legal compliance.

click here Arne Mielken, Senior Trade Specialist at Amber Road, details the steps companies can take to ensure the free cross-border movement of goods. In a sourcing environment where supplier diversification is paramount, it becomes more important for organizations to meet the stringent import and safety regulations across a range of countries. A survey of executives at U. Even though the rollout of the Automated Commercial Environment ACE has had a bevy of delays, quicker and easier data access will benefit government agencies and the trading industry.

Gary Barraco, director of global product marketing for Amber Road, suggests that when it comes to sourcing in Vietnam, whoever gets on the floor first, wins — and that the time to act is now. Sourcing professionals must be keyed into the constantly changing global regulatory requirements in order to ensure products are compliant in every region where they are sold. Gary Baracco, Director of Product Marketing at Amber Road, discusses the factors that will contribute to the huge consumer opportunities in Africa. Shippers now understand the value of automating shipment automation.

Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer at Amber Road, explains how one visibility system can cut across many forwarders, suppliers and customers. With the new EU Customs Code comes a new concept for German legal system: self-monitoring and self-assessment. Arne Mielken explores the advantages and disadvantages of this new Customs paradigm for the German economy. While German exports to Russia have declined significantly since , the economic sanctions against Russia and Ukraine make trade compliance to the reason doubly difficult.

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Kai Schwab, Sales Director of Germany for Amber Road, discusses the software solutions that can help companies navigate these sanctions in a cost-effective way. Lured by the promise of bigger sales, better access to consumers, and even their ultimate survival, wholesale brands are increasingly looking to circumvent traditional retailers and reach their customers directly—with "direct-to-consumer selling" or DTC.